Candles, Soaps, Lotions and Gifts:
  Hand-crafted at our factory in Happy Valley, OR

Blithe and Bonny(tm) Products

Handmade bath and beauty products by Blithe and Bonny

We offer a wide range of products  that include  Candles and Room Fresheners, premium quality bath and beauty products, and a variety of other items that we call "Lifestyle" gifts.

Our employees manufacture each product by hand in our factory mixing simple and responsible ingredients that are sourced from US suppliers to deliver premium quality at a reasonable price. 

Our packaging is fully recyclable and we continually look for ways to eliminate unnecessary waste to minimize our impact on the environment.

We also print our labels on real book pages so each product is truly unique. The books we use are destined  for the landfill but we give them new purpose by leveraging their classic aesthetic for our simple and elegant offerings.

Please browse the other pages in this section to learn more about our products and our fragrances. You will quickly discover that not only will you appreciate our products for yourself,  you can feel good about giving them as gifts since we are Eco-Friendly, Artistically Crafted, and Socially Responsible.

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