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  Hand-crafted at our factory in Happy Valley, OR

One summer we took a vacation to Mexico City to experience the hustle and bustle of one of the worlds largest cities. Our daughter ordered a cup of hot chocolate our first morning and proclaimed it to be the best in the world! We asked our server to tell us more about this amazing drink  he explained that it was the KA-COW grown deep in the Mayan jungles that make their hot chocolate so unique. The flavor and aroma was truly amazing with an unmistakable chocolate scent accented with vegetal and spice elements. Our Cacao specialty candle calls back our memories of Mexico City, our flamboyant waiter, and the mysterious jungles of the Yucatan.



We visited our son while he studied at Kwansei Gakuin University near Osaka in Japan. He was staying with a family in Takarazuka and they graciously invited us to share their home. His host mother was certified in the ritual of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. She showed us the formality of the ritual in her beautiful kimono, her respectful bows and precise preparation. As she served us the dense green tea with a frothy head complimented by a small sweet biscuit, we smiled and nodded our heads in appreciation, never speaking a word. Our Matcha specialty candle captures the memories of our trip to Japan and the elegant traditions of this ancient ritual.



Every year, on Thanksgiving Day, the kids would take freshly picked oranges and a handful of full cloves and make pierce patterns into the oranges with the cloves. The oranges are preserved with the cloves and will slowly dry out over the holiday season leaving a distinct spicy, citrus fragrance in every corner of our home. Our Pomander specialty candles remind us the joy and laughter of holidays filled with family.