Candles, Soaps, Lotions and Gifts:
  Hand-crafted at our factory in Santa Cruz, CA

For Retailers

If you are interested in carrying the fine products from the Blithe and Bonny line, we encourage you to create an account with us. We will review your request and activate your account within 1 business day.  In the meantime, please review our Customer Service Policies.

We have also established a network of Manufacturing Representatives across the country and we invite you to contact the representative in your area to learn more about our product lines. If there is no rep, please contact us directly and we will help you get started.

Southern California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada

Stephen Young Showroom
1933 South Broadway, Suite 830
Los Angeles, CA 90007
Phone: (800) 282-5863
Fax: (888) 748 - 5895

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington,  British Columbia

Scarlett Co Showroom
6100 4th Ave S. Suite 219
Seattle, Washington 98108
Fax: 1-877-464-1109

Call for an Appointment


Rocky Mountains
Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming


Elements Rep Group
Showroom No. 1140
Denver Mart
451 E. 58th Ave.
Denver, CO 80216

Call for an Appointment

Ohio - Independent

Pizzaz-It!- Page Anderson
3561 Burch Ave
Cincinnati, OH  45208
(888 871-9115